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breast implants.

I’ve decided to blog about my decision to get breast implants.
I’m not justifying it as I’ve made my decision and it was an easy one.
For those saying “you’re perfect as you are” that’s great, you don’t have to live in my body 24/7.

I was anorexic, I have never been afraid to say that it was something in my past and I have to live with a permanent damaged bowel due to that. I abused laxatives and stripped the bowel muscle away. There’s nothing I can do about my bowels except take medication (suppositories otherwise I can’t poo AT ALL) and wait for it to get worse and see what treatment they can offer me further down the line. My breasts never fully developed and seeing them is a reminder of my past disorder and how I limited myself from turning into a woman, curves and all.
This is something I’ve thought about since I had the nickname “kiddy tits”. I have a twin sister who had larger breasts and I was always the one with “the small tits”.

As for modelling work, I’m lucky if I get booked for anything once every 4 months. I’m 30, not particularly good looking, 5ft 1”, only go up to girl/girl hard levels and tattooed. I’m not doing it for modelling work. If I did have them done for modelling it’d be a waste of money since I don’t believe going up two bra sizes will suddenly increase the likelihood of photographers wanting to work with me!

I have a boyfriend who loves me and says he thinks I’m perfect. I tried to talk to him about my breasts and cried. I love him so much and as happy as I am now recovered I’m still not 100% happy with my body.

I guess being able to do something about ONE issue anorexia has caused me is a good thing for me and my mind and I’m bloody going to do it!

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I actually remember saying to the woman on the phone.
“As a model I get complimented on having a great ass but I want people to compliment me as I’m walking towards them not as I’m walking away”
Its all going on out back and I want something out front!

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